Message from the founder

While growing up, I was always surrounded by books, which helped me develop my reading hobby into a habit. As a mother I want my children to develop this practice as well, as there is no better way to spend time, improve vocabulary and grow holistically. But through these years, seeing IPads and digital TV taking over books breaks my heart.

And then I remembered how I always had a good access to books through a library near my home. That’s where ‘Dig a Book” came in. Dig a Book is a small effort to revive the interest in books in children. We all want to make our children independent – for me this is a gradual process which comes from small decisions which we allow them to take and picking a book is one of them. Let children make their own choice, scroll through the list, giving them the confidence that they are in charge. You must have come across ‘Kids need your presence and not presents.” I know many of the moms are working today and it is difficult for them to be present always. But as a mother of two, I am sure whatever little we could do, will take our children a long way: Add on to the super great stuff you do for them, by enrolling them in this library…and just digging a book!! Happy Reading!!

Rajshree Gupta