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Rajshree:- Born and brought up in the city of joy, Kolkata , she has been proud to be have grown up in the hub of art and culture. Always fond of reading books, almost all her pocket money went into books.. What you get in a book, could only be described by one, who has one in hand.. Fiction, non fiction, doesn’t matter. Each word read contributes to a wholesome growth and touches a chord. And of course, during the process, some books stay with you, so much so that you like to read them over and over again.. For her, books have been a true companion, as a young child, teenager, college goer and as a mother of two brats! And as she says, ‘If you get hooked on to it , you just  get hooked to it!!’ … Happy reading!

Nishthha:- Not an avid reader, but a caring mother wanting the best for her children, she is keenly aware of the necessity of putting a book to read in a child’s hand! As she says. ‘I kept getting books for my kids, but when I saw that kids were not as interested, I eventually stopped buying and thought how nice it would have been to have a good approachable library for kids'. She understands the need to shift kids from ipads to books. For her books make children better individuals and surely much better than a Doremon or power rangers would…’ Happy reading!

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